Amir Ghazanfari Architecture

A personal response to Amir Ghazanfari Architecture, this patinated bronze vase explores the relationship between the organic and the man-made. The openings around the vase form a frame for the flowers or plants within it, creating a juxtaposition between the grounded weight and seemingly eternal character of the object and the changing and changeable.

A design portfolio should create a narrative that deliberately weaves our best projects together into one cohesive presentation. There should be a common geometry that carries from one page to the next

A successful format can take disparate projects from separate periods of our career and relate them to the same storyline. And it shows confidence that the images you choose to show are important

Thank you !

This project will be one of our greatest assets as an awesome product and it may be very well to provide for our client to be the tipping point to getting into that amazing firm or household.